• “Not only was our actual building experience with you and Danny a pleasure, your continued availability and advice over the years has meant so much to us. We praise your integrity and honesty, qualities that are not frequently used to describe a relationship with a builder, especially after 16 years. We are happy that we are part of your “history” and look forward to continuing to be part of your future both professionally and as friends.”

    Marsha and Stanley Stein

    “We have been enjoying our Steve Fuqua home for almost 15 years. Whenever we happen to see Steve or Danny, it’s not like a chance meeting with our homebuilders—it’s a welcome opportunity to visit with longtime friends.”

    Linda and Mike Casey

    “After building our first home with Steve Fuqua and Dan Roth, we couldn’t imagine working with anyone else when we decided to build a second home. We knew we would be treated fairly and the job would be done right with Steve Fuqua Homes.

    Kathy and Gene Huebner

    “We are building our fourth home in 12 years, and are not the easiest people to please. Steve Fuqua Homes is the first builder to give us superior supervision and satisfaction. We wish we’d met 12 years ago. Steve Fuqua Homes’ quality craftsmanship and problem-solving supervision made the building process a pleasure.”

    Bill and June Windrow

    “Steve Fuqua Homes’ motto should be: “We’re not happy until you’re happy.” They make sure every detail is finished to your satisfaction-even long after move-in. We’re very proud to tell everyone our home is a Fuqua home. We consider Steve Fuqua Homes our friends.”

    Donnelle and Bill Atkinson

    “After building our first home with Steve Fuqua and Dan Roth, we couldn’t imagine working with anyone else when we decided to build a second home. We knew we would be treated fairly and the job would be done right with Steve Fuqua Homes.

    Kathy and Gene Huebner

    “We do not own the largest or the fanciest house that Steve Fuqua ever built, but with the quality of workmanship and the integrity of the builder, we have been completely satisfied. Happy Anniversary, Steve!”

    Elizabeth C. Vondy

    “My dream house is a reality, thanks to Steve Fuqua Homes. Steve and Danny took all my pictures cut from magazines, sketches drawn on the backs of napkins, articles copied from library books and such, and turned them into a beautiful-and well-built-house!”

    Lyn Salerno

    “We feel very good telling people that we have a Fuqua-built home. It’s well known that he builds quality and stands by his work. He built our custom home five years ago and Steve has come back several times to attend to problems, even now! He really does live up to his reputation for quality, service, and satisfied clients.”

    Laina and Bob Nall

  • “Nancy and 1 wish to express our GRATITUDE for the wonderful product you bestowed upon us through your construction of our home. Thanks also, for the wonderful services provided over the five years we have enjoyed it.”

    Nancy and Vito

    “Congratulations on your 25th year! What makes your operation unique is trustworthiness. We always knew we could count on you to do it right or make it right if something went askew. We wish you continued success.”

    Weldon and Becky Wright

    “Through a year long process, we became believers in the tradition of quality of Fuqua Homes. In all of many decisions during the construction and finishing process, Dan Roth and Steve Fuqua always put custom quality first. We are even better friends today.”

    Patt and Dick Hogan

    “We have thoroughly enjoyed the rare combination of an outstanding home and continuing warm relationship with its builders over the, past 12 years. High building quality and personal integrity were initial impressions that are hallmarks of this great builder.”

    Arlene and Charlie Harbin

    “We chose Steve Fuqua to build our home based on the company’s excellent reputation. Our experience exceeded our expectations due to the extraordinary attention to detail and overall quality by Steve, Danny, and their staff.”

    Jim and Becky Pruett

    “Mary and I really love our home. The Fuqua personal attention to details and constant supervision of quality is what really impressed us. This was our first custom home and you’ve made it an enjoyable experience. Keep up the good work!”

    Jim and Mary Van Ness

    “There are not enough superlatives to express how Elaine and I feel about our new home. It is simply fantastic! This is our third custom home among the six homes we have owned, and far surpasses the others in every respect. We thoroughly enjoyed the entire process, working with you and your team from site selection through completion. You and your team, as well as the subcontractors and vendors, were truly a pleasure to work with.”

    Luther Fuqua

    “As a professional in the medical field, I had very little knowledge of the building process when it came to building a custom home. I asked around and was told by several people in the home building business that Steve Fuqua was a builder’s builder. I chose Steve and we decided to build a showcase home. Since this was so different from my profession, I was enthralled with the building process and went on-site daily for the next three months to observe the different stages. During the entire three months that I visited the building site daily, I never saw another builder at the construction sites around my house. I knew I had chosen the right builder when I saw how many times I found Steve on-site taking measurements and checking the contractors’ work. That commitment remained long after the house was complete and I regard Steve as a good friend.”

    Richard W. Drummond